Thursday, May 22, 2014

Stakeholder meeting-1/4/2014

Stakeholder meeting.

For this second entry is all about meeting with the client.On the meeting we discuss about how they manage their inventory and what problem that they face. We also gave they a few sheet of paper which contain of verbal of interview. The question of the interview which help us a little  big is like below:

Interview question 1

Interview question 2

Interview question 3

After they answer all of the interview question and we explain to them about the system that will help them to handle their problem, then we suggest them to our inventory management system.They agree about it.The system that we will provide achieved their target.

Second Meeting

Next we make some meeting with the group member which are starting works together to continue make the best of inventory management system by following the own roles.Here I would like to say thank you to ours lecture because teach and gave us the guideline to complete the task for this term.Our group member also very good especially ours leader Mohd Aizudin.Each of them give their best commitment.Thank you. 

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