Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Last Part In Our Project

Presentation & Project Report

 At the end of this task after we have complete the system.We need to present our system to our lecture and classmate.From that our lecture will evaluate for our system and at the end of the presentation got question and answer time. Our lecture ask some question such ask how the admin function, security of the system and the notification of the stock. After end all of this we need to submit our report.At this task each member got own task such as below:

Report by Chapter
Chapter 1 (everyone) 
Chapter 2 (Aizudin) 
Chapter 3 [3.1 - 3.4] + Questionnaire (Asyraf)
Chapter 3 [3.5] (Syaiful)
Chapter 4 [4.1 - 4.2] (Syaiful)
Chapter 4 [4.3 - 4.6] (Izmer)
Chapter 5 (Arif)
Chapter 6 (Izmer)
Chapter 7 + Gantt Chart (Arif)
Chapter 8 (Syaiful)
User Manual (Asyraf) 

After everyone complete their task, we submit to our leader to recheck our works.After all works has been done,we submit our report to our lecture to evaluate our mark.That all for our works from beginning until the end.Thank you to our lecture Madam Azura, member group and classmate which help much to complete our works. 

Description about we have done

List of task in our group

In this group we 5 member each of them got own task to complete the system

1: Mohd Aizudin: Making the system
2: Hud Izmer      : Create data based
3: Muhd Arif       : Designing system
4: Syaiful            : Designing system
5:Ashraf             : Researchs

In this task I am Muhd Arif was work together with Syaiful to make design for our Rental Management System.We was used a few software which are related to designing as example
Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio. We also refer the you-tube channel.Before use this software we sketch first the design of the system at the plain paper to got satisfied result.That all for our task. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


"Assalamualaikum to my professional skill and group project lecture Madam Nor Azura Salleh @ Omar. I am Muhammad Arif bin Anuar, CVB130724220, 22years old, taking degree in Network and Mobile Computing CU204 at Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur".

For this task student need to do the individual assignment which the student must write the blog.The blog must explain about the student opinion about the project, knowledge from interview, experiences from discussion with the client and the team members.

Here, let's me start with the name of my group member . Ours group leaders name is Mohammad Aizudin bin Jamalan and the other member is Mohammad Asyraf bin Abdul Rahman, Hud Izmer bin Ismail and Muhammad Syaiful bin Mahayudin. Everyone got the part in this group.

After making the decision  our group agree to build the Inventory Management System for the PC Rent Sdn Bhd as the potential client  which are located at  Pandan Safari Shopping Complex No 1 Jalan 6/10a Pandan Perdana 55300 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Here some pitcure of the company:

Picture 1

Picture 2

After we choose the company that to help their inventory management, we make some meeting and group discussion, with a several hours we make some decision to divide the roles for each member. Hud Izmer and Mohd Aizudin as the programmer for the system that we want to build . We are agree for them as the programmer because they are most expert in coding than the others. Next the system design Muhd Syaiful take the role,Mohd Asyraf as the system analysis and me as the data based developer. 

Group Member Meeting.

Then, we must choose the type of the system that we want to develop by follow the client requirement. So we choose the Inventory Management System to help the client on the inventory management.We used the Visual Basic and Excess to make this system.Then the methodology that has been used by us is system development life cycle which to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system.


The next step that we do is we discuss about the requirement project proposal. In the proposal got the several requirement as the example company background,  problem statement, scope, objective, target user and many more.After that we has decide to divide the task to the other group member with fairly and the group members ability.

                                                                             Draft Proposal.

Stakeholder meeting-1/4/2014

Stakeholder meeting.

For this second entry is all about meeting with the client.On the meeting we discuss about how they manage their inventory and what problem that they face. We also gave they a few sheet of paper which contain of verbal of interview. The question of the interview which help us a little  big is like below:

Interview question 1

Interview question 2

Interview question 3

After they answer all of the interview question and we explain to them about the system that will help them to handle their problem, then we suggest them to our inventory management system.They agree about it.The system that we will provide achieved their target.

Second Meeting

Next we make some meeting with the group member which are starting works together to continue make the best of inventory management system by following the own roles.Here I would like to say thank you to ours lecture because teach and gave us the guideline to complete the task for this term.Our group member also very good especially ours leader Mohd Aizudin.Each of them give their best commitment.Thank you.