Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Description about we have done

List of task in our group

In this group we 5 member each of them got own task to complete the system

1: Mohd Aizudin: Making the system
2: Hud Izmer      : Create data based
3: Muhd Arif       : Designing system
4: Syaiful            : Designing system
5:Ashraf             : Researchs

In this task I am Muhd Arif was work together with Syaiful to make design for our Rental Management System.We was used a few software which are related to designing as example
Adobe Photoshop and Visual Studio. We also refer the you-tube channel.Before use this software we sketch first the design of the system at the plain paper to got satisfied result.That all for our task. 

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